Gem Spa Body Treatments

Oriental Express Body Exfoliation (25 min. $2,200)
An effective and gentle body peel, formulated with bamboo micro-particles that exfoliates and renew the skin, this exfoliation enhances the absorption of additional restorative products applied.

Chocolate Body Wrap (50 min. $3,750)
Ancient Mayans prized chocolate for its uplifting ingredients, notably serotonin. This delicious body wrap pampers the skin

Chaya Body Wrap (50 min. $3,750)
The Chaya is a native healing plant from the Yucatan Peninsula, is known for its soothing and repairing properties. An excellent remedy for sunburned or dehydrated skin.

Mayan Body Wrap with Copal Resin (50 min. $3,750)
Copal resin was used by ancient Mayans and Aztecs in their spiritual ceremonies. This hydrating treatment is also known for revitalizing the spirit.

After Sun Body Wrap (50 min. $3,750 | 80 min. $5,000)
Works as an excellent cell regenerator, with Aloe Vera as its main ingredient, accelerates the relief of the skin, damaged and dehydrated by the sun, calming the burning sensation, leaving the skin protected, soft and hydrated.

** Prices are quoted in Mexican pesos and include taxes and service charge.