Gemstones Healing Wonders

Seventh Wonder Luxury Massage (80 min.    $5,000)
A wonderful combination of seven techniques, will make of this treatment a very complete experience. The aromatic oils will awaken your senses, providing a deep relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage with White Onyx Stones (50 min. $3,500 | 80 min. $4,900)
White Onyx, known for its power of purifying negative energies, brings balance to your mind, combined with cedar, pine and eucalyptus aromatherapy to restore tired muscles through a special technique using medium and strong pressure.

Obsidian Hot Stones Massage (80 min. $4,900)
Warm obsidian stones, known for transforming negativity, works to gently stabilize energy through a therapeutic massage.

Reflexology with Gems (25 min. $2,300 | 50 min. $3,500 | 80 min. $4,900)
Inspired by traditional Chinese reflexology, this massage works on various acupressure points, promoting healthy organs and overall well-being. These points correspond to internal organs and systems of the body which react to manual stimulation.

** Prices are quoted in Mexican pesos and include taxes and service charge.