Forest Blessings and Mayan Traditions

Relaxing Massage (25 min. $2,300 | 50 min. $3,500 | 80 min. $4,900)
A classic massage that helps to relieve muscle tension. This treatment improves blood circulation resulting in an overall feeling of well-being

Tropical Aroma Massage (50 min. $3,500 | 80 min. $4,900)
An alternate therapeutic technique, this massage combines the natural therapeutic properties of tropical fruits oil and the healing power of massage therapy, while applying soft to medium pressure to relieve stress and anxiety.

Purifying Massage with Swedish Herbs (50 min. $3,500 | 80 min. $4,900)
Healing salts and herbs from Sweden, are combined with essential oils to create a massage that relaxes and purifies the skin.

Mayan Princess Massage (50 min. $3,500 | 80 min. $4,900)
This treatment fit for royalty softens and revitalizes the skin by incorporating vanilla which the Mayans used as an offering to the gods. An orange and vanilla mask is applied by the therapist's healing hands using massage techniques.

Mayan Prince Massage (50 min. $3,500 | 80 min. $4,900)
The Mayas used Chaya, as a medicinal herb for centuries. It is known for its soothing and repairing properties and is an excellent remedy for sunburned or stressed skin. A Chaya based mud is applied by the therapist's healing hands using basic massage techniques.

Candle Massage (50 min. $3,500 | 80 min. $4,900)
This delicate technique of massage, uses special candles, made with essential oils that conduce to a deep relaxation, while providing emollient properties to your skin, leaving it soft and hydrated.

** Prices are quoted in Mexican pesos and include taxes and service charge.